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The Real Holocaust Victims Were the Victims of British Firebombing in World War II
Posted on 06/17/2015 by justice4germans

VIDEO: Excerpts from a presentation by Lady Michele Renouf, speaking in Vancouver, reporting on a recent “Identitarian” conference in Mexico during which the true events of World War II were discussed in relation to understanding current affairs in modern day Europe.

She spoke of “swindle-speak” and the historical misappropriation of terms by the media and enemies of truth, providing the term “holocaust” (a burnt whole offering) as a major example.

She cited historical facts concerning the British military policy of targeting civilians in the WWII air war against Germany, and she concludes that it was the Germans who, by definition, were the true victims of an actual “holocaust”.

She referred to Churchill’s policy, to “baste” the Germans and burn them alive.

Thus, she said, “the German people should rightfully reclaim this term for themselves”.

She then quoted Dennis Richards, Official Historian of the R.A.F. who admitted that the British initiated the air war, targeting civilians, in order to goad Hitler into bombing England in retaliation.

Regarding effective activism in terms of “Identitarianism”, from her own expertise in the advertising industry, she says that in order to reach the general public with the message, it is important to not use the adversary’s terminology, to not act and dress as they wish, and of not adopt archaic or nostalgic symbolism which the enemies of truth have already demonized.

She urges civility and creativity in order to appeal to the wider audience with one’s message and opposes the “Neo-Nazi” look and methods.

I attended this presentation and was involved in the Q&A segment, included in this video.

One should not assume, however, that I necessarily subscribe to the “Identitarian” viewpoint.

My issue is and remains “Justice for Germans” with the caveat, that humanity as whole will also benefit from understanding the truth about Hitler, National Socialism and World War II.

I was, however, much impressed with her presentation.

My main reason for attending was my great respect for her, in light of all of her activism on behalf of the German people and for Our Fallen over many years, and indeed, for all of humanity against our common enemy or “our predator” as she calls them.

Her contention that the “Holocaust” happened to the German people echoes my own sentiments.

This is also evidenced in the documentary film “Hellstorm“.

It was delightful to re-acquaint myself with her since our last meeting nearly 4 years ago.

We spent several hours chatting privately after the event had concluded, and I shared with her some of what I have done in that time, including the founding of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society.

She read the mandate and constitution, and she endorses it, saying “it is long overdue” and she wondered “why has it not been done before?”

Other TJGS members were also in attendance and greatly appreciated her presentation.

Related Info: en.metapedia.org/wiki/Identitarianism

Lady Michele’s main website: tellingfilms.co.uk/

posted by guest:

International Military Tribunal Nuremberg 14 November 1945- October 1 1946
The scales of “justice” on Flat Earth map

post by Max:

22-page PDF 


1 Volume 4. Forging an Empire: Bismarckian Germany, 1866 1890

Manifesto to the Governments and Peoples of the Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism
The First Anti Jewish Congress in Dresden (September 11 12, 1882)

In the following manifesto of the First Anti Jewish Congress, held in the Saxon capital shortly
after the first wave of German antisemitism peaked, participants wove virtually all the threads of
the “Jewish question” into the fabric the fabrication of a monumental struggle against in
ternational “Jewish parasitism.” Claiming that all Christian nations had no choice but to
recognize the Jew as biologically alien, it called for a reversal of Jewish emancipation and for
the expansion of an antisemitic “movement of self protection.” The meeting’s delegates
constitute a virtual Who’s Who of German, Austrian, and Hungarian antisemites at the time.
That these figures were still vying with each other for leadership of the movement is suggested
by the addendum coauthored by two Bavarian aristocrats. But the delegates were in agreement
that previous government initiatives in defense of the “Christian state” had been ineffective. The
tone of this document is very different from the preceding description of the “Reichshall
Meeting”; yet for purposes of agitation, it was its perfect complement, purporting to document
the international “Jewish conspiracy” with historical “facts” rather than with inflammatory
phrases. As such, it is typical of other contemporary manifestos, pamphlets, and pseudoscient
ific tracts that also claimed to offer empirical evidence of the Jews’ so called “lust for world


From Brother Nathanael. 

Merkel’s Jews Push Mass Migration
By Brother Nathanael Kapner January 14, 2016

THE POWER OF GERMAN JEWRY has Merkel in a box. For what the Jews want, Jews get.

In a Die Welt feature article, “We Jews Know How Bitter Escape Is,” Ronald Lauder of the World Jewish Congress and Dr Josef Schuster of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, attacked Germans who oppose mass migration by non-whites as “neo-nazis.”

Applauding Germany’s progress in developing an “open society,” lauding it as “good for Jewry,” the authors then demanded Merkel to increase the flow of migrants.

Surely, the occupation of Germany by Jewmerica continues as Merkel listens to Jews more than Germans in her pursuit of mass migration of which seventy percent are single men.

But Lauder and Schuster have a remedy for that.

By subjecting the migrants to a “re-education program” that instills “Germany’s raison d’état” in their souls, the Muslim migrants will be “Germanized” and all will be well.

Problem is, Jewry’s definition of “Germany’s raison d’état” (Read: “Jewry’s national interests”) is support of Israel and assent to the Holocaust narration.

This is a political ploy to strengthen the bond between “Germans” and “Jews” by using the migrants and their “Arab anti-Semitism” to Jewry’s advantage.

Schuster warned Merkel that “respect for the values enshrined in the Constitution (actually, The Basic Law, there is no Constitution) and agreeing that support for Israel, rejection of anti-Semitism, and remembrance of the Holocaust, is part of Germany’s DNA.”

And Merkel injects the virus and touts the script.

In a televised New Year’s address, Merkel scolded the ‘neo-nazis’ for claiming “Germanness” solely for themselves and excluding others.

Ah, that’s the Jewish line. The devil’s in the definition.

“Germanness,” according to Jewry, has nothing to do with culture, race or religion. It’s only about where you live.

Are you a Muslim living in Berlin? Then you’ll be imbued with “Germanness.” Even with mosques on every corner.

“Americanness,” according to Jewry, has nothing to do with having European roots and 2,000 years of Christian creedal history, but where you live.

Are you a Muslim living in Baton Rouge? Then you’ll be imbued with “Americanness.”

BUT WHAT’S GOOD for the geese is bad for the Jews.

Jews see themselves as JEWS FIRST, and then perchance “merkans” or “chermans.”

(Notice in the title, “Central Council of Jews in Germany,” how they don’t call themselves “Germans” but identify themselves as a nation within a nation.)

Let the fragmented masses take on a national definition, it’s really meaningless. For NO national unity exists when composed of competing minorities.

Only the Jews rise to the top in a splintered society.

And Merkel forces the Jew-ruled Germans to swallow it.

For More See: The Jewish Occupation Of Germany Click Here    www.realjewnews.com/?p=919

Note:  Bill Still was the reporter/producer of videos

“The Money Masters”  and “The Secret of Oz”

SR 522 Merkel Accused of High Treason
Bill Still
Published on Jan 15, 2016

To become Partner #460: www.billstill.com, then Click “Subscribe”.

Look out. Temperatures are still rising in Germany. Germans are nearing revolt mode against German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open door immigration policy.
Thousands of letters are flooding into the Federal Prosecutor’s Office demanding prosecution of Merkel, accusing her of high treason.

The Holocaust,Between 1941 and 1945
10 newspapers from ,,1915-1938,, before the Holocaust even happened.


Post by maxine on Jan 26, 2016 at 9:30am

Published on Jan 25, 2016

The Six Million Lie 

A website reflecting deep feeling and deep intellect


About the Iron Legion

The Iron Legion is a movement that encompasses the men and women who wish to see a return to traditional values and preserve the identity of the European people. We are united by our blood, traditions and values.

Some will be laymen who follow and support us. Others will be militant reactionaries and traditionalists who believe in the reshaping of themselves and our world. Some believe they are too old, too young or too weak to make a difference. If you accept our principles and belief in our vision of a resurgent Europa for the European people then you have a place in the Legion. We will all have our role to play in the coming struggle.

A Snip  at random from one of the articles, Sympathy for the Devil in Cologne >>>>

Already there is talk of German hooligans and gangs of men organising and descending on the cities to avenge their women-folk. It is an ancient, natural instinct for men to rush to defend a maiden’s honour, but where is the honour in most of the girls of the modern world? Promiscuous but sterile. Given up on marriage and children. Intruding into male spaces and the workforce, but only the glamorous ones. It’s always the boardroom, never the coal mine.

We must remove kebab from our ancestral homelands, and we will, but what is worth defending in modernity? Who would pull this rotten and bloated corpse from the river? We will drive out the invader but it will not be done in the utilitarian name of women’s rights, at least not in the modern sense. The Restoration will be tough, dirty and dangerous work, and men will not fight and die to preserve the terminal sickness of modernity.

The fighting man of Europe has fought and died on battlefields everywhere for God, King and Country. How sad it must be now for German men to have to brawl in their own city streets for the leftover scraps of modernity. How shameful it would be to fight in the name of preserving abortion, birth control and putting women to work in office cubicles and factories.

A nativist uprising, beginning with small cadres, fellowships and brotherhoods of ruthless and determined men, are the start of something bigger, grander than just a petty backlash against immigrants. What a waste of all that righteous anger for it to stop at immigrants. The fire rising now must engulf also those who invited them here, those who agitated for them, those who profited from sheltering them, those who dismissed nativist opposition as evil, those who lied to hide the truth from the people, those who misled our women into modernity and away from Tradition.

Merkel and the rest of the traitorous politicians will go the way of Ceaușescu. All of them will be ploughed into the soil of our ancestral homelands, not just in Germany, but everywhere modernity has taken root in Europe. This punishment and vengeance must be done with such a gravity and ruthlessness so that it propagates a shockwave far into the future, ingrained into the European mind forever, so that nobody dares to do this to us again.

Germany and the European Tradition will arise. She is not dead, but sleepeth.


post by ele:

Here is an interesting paper by Miles Mathis ,yes him again ,but it is not all what you may think .Its interesting for what it says and possibly dose not say

Was Dresden another Fake?

by Miles Mathis
First published January 28, 2016
If you thought you were all the way down the rabbit hole, you had best adjust your spelunking gear and
turn the light up on your helmet: we are about descend into an even darker pit of stalactites and bad air.
You might even need oxygen for this one.
We will start by comparing two photos, both from the
Wikipedia page on the Dresden
.And you will have to go to the site to read as its to big for an attachment and will not copy images as a pdf


post by don Quixote:

Thank you, dear ele , Miles Mathis used to be the go to source for intelligent and methodical research –

plus I will mention his paintings that I always loved.

I’ve read this latest file on Dresden – he uses Wikipedia to document his perspective; apparently some from Stormfront already told him

the Jews would benefit from such an angle, such revisionism in reverse.

He makes the error to affirm that America would remain standing since the Jews need a strong economy and military support from US of A  O_o

Poor Mathis, he lost his sharp eye and his fable coherence somehow; perhaps since his Flat Earth premature eja . . ., sorry rejection :D

He doesn’t know that a parasite that has more greed than sound judgement will suck his chosen victim dry, then utterly destroy it

and move to his next target (China, or all of BRICS perhaps).

Where he sees America “strong economy” ???

This Mathis lost his touch and now hops from one embarrassment to another; much like Jim Stone lately.

It is possible that both sold out, were replaced by clones, or suffered a nervous breakdown upon learning that the Earth

is in fact a plane without spin.

NO more SPIN !   ;)

post by Max:

Yesterday I happened to stumble into this.

This very excellent Blog has been marked with the Thumb —  I saw the signature.

Author says the blog is slated for destruction Feb 15 if something doesn’t intervene.

I saved this entry.

December 27, 2015 • Smoloko     smoloko.com/?p=9389

At conclusion of piece:



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