Ursula Haverbeck

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Octogenarian Arrested for Questioning WWII History on TV
June 27, 2015 AFP 19 Comments

By John Friend —

Ursula Hedwig Meta Haverbeck-Wetzel, an 86-year-old German woman who was ethnically cleansed from her home following WWII, has been arrested following her appearance on a public television program in Germany. There, she openly disputed the state-sanctioned-and-enforced “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, describing it as “the biggest and most persistent lie in history.” In many countries in Europe, including Germany, it is a crime to dispute, question or openly challenge the official narrative of the Holocaust specifically and WWII generally.

Mrs. Haverbeck, along with three of her colleagues and supporters, we
– See more at: americanfreepress.net/octogenarian-arrested-for-questioning-wwii-history-on-tv/#sthash.ot7irLcC.dpuf

Mrs. Haverbeck, along with three of her colleagues and supporters, were arrested after having had their homes raided and ransacked by German police, where documents, books and other personal items were seized. Germany has some of the most tyrannical anti-free speech and thought laws in the world. If found guilty, Mrs. Haverbeck could face up to five years in prison.

“Ursula Haverbeck’s arrest was predictable from the start,” Warren Routledge, author of the must-read book Holocaust High Priest: Elie Wiesel, Night, the Memory Cult & the Rise of Revisionism, explained to AMERICAN FREE PRESS in a recent interview. “The German people have been under tight Zionist Jewish control for decades. It is also a poorly kept secret that the federal republic’s current chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been a CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] asset for decades. With the country’s unification after the fall of the Berlin Wall, she made a seamless transition from reporting to the CIA about her communist bosses to snitching on the intimate workings of the new, united government of Germany.”

During the television interview, the full version of which has been released on YouTube, Mrs. Haverbeck explains how she attempted to contact the appropriate German officials, such as the German Ministry of Justice, as well as the Central Council of Jews in Germany, for answers to basic questions she has about the alleged Holocaust. Her inquiries included asking about where specifically the purported 6 million dead bodies were disposed of. She received no answers.

Mrs. Haverbeck noted during the roughly hour-long interview that if the officially sanctioned Holocaust narrative were effectively challenged and refuted—which courageous historical revisionists have accomplished—the entire post-WWII political system would be in jeopardy.

“The truth needs no laws,” Mrs. Haverbeck declared before going on to state that the only solid basis for the future of humanity—for all peoples of the world—is the truth, and the official Holocaust narrative simply is not true. Therefore, it is being used to enslave and manipulate humanity, especially the German nation

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Mrs. Haverbeck’s interview was her citation and discussion of the official Garrison and Commandant Orders issued by the Third Reich, which were used to guide official government policy in the network of concentration camps administered by National Socialist Germany during WWII.

Mrs. Haverbeck correctly argues that the various concentration camps, particularly the notorious Auschwitz- Birkenau camp, were mostly labor camps used to provide healthy and productive workers for the German war effort, a fact that is well-established in the official German Orders governing behavior and policy in the camps.

The “Mistreatment of Prisoners” section of the official Orders directly states that “no SS man may lay a hand on a prisoner . . . every emphasis must be placed on maintaining the working strength of prisoners.” Amazingly, four SS concentration camp commanders were prosecuted and punished in SS courts-martial trials for mistreating prisoners in their custody.

Mrs. Haverbeck effectively argues that the Garrison and Commandant Orders issued by the German government conclusively prove that official German policy in the camps demanded that inmates be well cared for and treated with respect. Sanitary living quarters were required, and workers were expected to be healthy, nourished and productive.

Other camps, particularly the so-called Aktion Reinhard camps, which consisted primarily of the Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka camps, were merely transit and relocation facilities used for transporting Jews out of the German Reich. During WWII, the German government’s official policy toward Jews living in Germany centered around ethnically cleansing them by removing them from the Reich, not mass murdering them.

Routledge explained to AFP that persecuting individuals who question and think critically about the Holocaust narrative of WWII has been official government policy in Germany for decades now.

“Revisionists are arrested and jailed,” Routledge told this newspaper. “It is as simple as that. Those who wield political control in Germany have made a pact with the U.S. There is a definite quid pro quo. The continued expansion of Germany’s economic influence around the world is conditioned upon the suppression of any and all internal dissent about the alleged ‘Holocaust.’ In practice, this means automatic jail terms for revisionists.”

Despite being entirely refuted and debunked by historical revisionists, the official Holocaust narrative lives on “as a form of blackmail,” Routledge argues. “Since world Jewry controls all the mainstream media outlets in the Western ‘democracies,’ they are capable of mounting a press campaign at any moment against any individual or group of people with whom they are displeased. The German government’s action must be seen in this light. They are on a very tight leash.”

Routledge continued: “The Jewish ‘Holocaust’ narrative is not grounded in history. It is pure propaganda invented in the wake of World War II. Its purpose is to justify the ‘New World Order’ that benefits all Jews and Israel and controls our lives today. The ‘lessons’ of the ‘Holocaust’ tell us that we must never tolerate mistreatment of anyone. Yet, the Palestinians are exempted from this universal humanitarian rule and can be crushed by Jewish fists, clubs and weaponry of all kinds at a moment’s notice without any justification.”

Dr. James H. Fetzer, a philosopher of science who authored the foreword to Nicholas Kollerstrom’s excellent book decisively debunking the official Holocaust narrative entitled Breaking the Spell—The Holocaust: Myth and Reality, argues that the Holocaust story does not stand up to scientific or logical scrutiny.

“My view has always been that, if the Holocaust was real, then research will support it, and if it was not, the world deserves to know,” Fetzer explained to this reporter. “We have proven it was not—and the world deserves to know.”

Indeed, the world does deserve to know, and courageous, honorable individuals such as Mrs. Haverbeck are determined to make that a reality, despite the consequences. – See more at: americanfreepress.net/octogenarian-arrested-for-questioning-wwii-history-on-tv/#sthash.ot7irLcC.dpuf

An ordinary guy speaking  somewhat haltingly of his feelings
about Ursula, and about what he has learned. 

Published on Nov 12, 2015

Response to Ursula Haverbeck’s Sentencing, Today, for Holocaust Denial (12 Nov 2015)

From his youtube page   LINKS

Published on Nov 12, 2015

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A crucially important article by Jonathan Azaziah about Israel and its many crimes against Americans and, by extension, the rest of the world and all of humanity. Read the WHOLE article, SHARE it widely — day in and day out — until folk wake up to the root causes of the global tyranny which has befallen all of us, for the sake of a tiny, tiny few:

A beautiful 1-hour film (free on YouTube) about a young Jewish-American woman named Anna Baltzer who describes her experiences living in occupied Palestine. A must see, just as Jonathan Azaziah’s article, above, is a must read:

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Old Almanacs Never Lie!

Meyers Handlexicon, Germany 1921 — 11,600,000

World Almanac, 1925, pg. 752 — 15,630,000, “In 1925 a census of Palestine gave a total of 115,151 Jews”

World Almanac, 1929, pg. 727 — 15,630,000

National Council of Churches 1930 — 15,600 ,000

March 24, 1933, Jewish newspaper Daily Express — 14,000,000 Jews worldwide

World Almanac, 1933, pg. 419 — 15,316,359, [“The estimate for Jews in the above table is for 1933, and is by the American Jewish Committee”

World Almanac, 1936, pg. 748 — world Jewish population = 15,753,633

World Almanac, 1938, pg. 510 — world Jewish population = 15,748,091, with 240,000 in Germany

American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 1939 — 15,600,000

World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World Jewish Population — 15,319,359

World Almanac, 1941, pg. 510: World Jewish Population — 15,748,091

World Almanac, 1942, pg. 849: World Jewish Population — 15,192,089 (“Jews include Jews by race not necessarily by religion”)

World Almanac USA, 1947, pg. 748: World Jewish Population — 15,690,000

World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population — 15,713,638


You’d think they would have got their maths right before claiming 6,000,000 died at the hands of ze’Germans? Can’t understand where the denial could possibly come from? In fact they seem to have been the only peoples to not suffer losses in the atrocious statistics of our 20th Century.

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Excellent video DQ. I cannot imagine it remaining up for long.

The more we learn the more it looks like we have always been lied to.

The jailing of a 90 year old prison guard and an 87 year old “Denier” is starting to show the true nature of our controllers. Everywhere I look I see evidence that we are constantly manoeuvred into wars that kill millions of our brothers and sisters whilst the same people get richer and more powerful.

They take our freedoms and the fruit of our labours but forget the wise words “beware the man who has nothing to lose.”

Do I think ISIS was created by Israel, Yes. Do I think the forced immigration of hundreds of thousands of muslims was orchestrated by Israel, Yes. Does ISIS attack Israel, No. Europe still has a lower native population than prior to WWII because of the slaughter. Were 6 Million Jews lost in Germany? Census records show an increase in the Jewish population. Can we speak openly about what is in front of our eyes? No.

Thank you for this candle in the window for Ursula don Quixote

One day we will have a Parthenon dedicated to the brave and gentle frau Ursula Haverbeck  :)

In a time of universal deceit she stood up against the pervasive, if despicable terror of the Satan’s synagogue.

If there it will be one book one needs to read and ponder upon in order to understand what is going on today in the world

it will have to be, in my humble opinion, the seminal masterpiece of historical research  Douglas Reed – Controversy of Zion

Please download, save away and disseminate far and wide.

Ignorance is suicide at this hour !

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In Canada, Arthur Topham was just convicted of a serious “hate” crime for copying Germany Must Perish by jew Theodore Kaufman, which was lauded in the jewish press in 1941, and switching every instance of “German” to “jew”. Over in Europe, where censorship is much stronger, they throw people like Sylvia Stolz and Ursula Haverbeck in prison for even questioning the narrative of our jewish overlords. After the Paris Attacks committed by ISIS (see also: Mossad / Israeli Secret Intelligence Service and CIA), France has been shutting down alternative media sites in the name of “security”. The official media narrative needs to be protected at all costs. This is how much they fear the truth getting free.

Shut It Down: As Jewish Media Lose Power, Alternative Media Comes Under Attack
Full article posted at flatearthtruth.freeforums.net/thread/3/maxs-thread?page=86&scrollTo=5746

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Another hero of the Revisionist History quest for truth and justice is Ernst Zundel

post by Maxine:

I don’t have much confidence in VT,

but at least the word is getting out there.

Holocaust Deniers of the World, Unite – behind Ursula!

By Dr. Ingrid R. Zundel on December 24, 2015

Elderly German Lady sentenced to 10 months in prison for doubting Auschwitz extermination claims

By Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ed.D.


An Australian, Nigel Jackson, a Melbourne poet and man of letters, took Germany to task for that legal monstrosity in a recent editorial follow-up: Germany’s Misuse of the Law

The Case of Ursula Haverbeck

Michael Hoffman has just issued an important statement on this case: ‘Elderly German Lady sentenced to 10 months in prison for doubting Auschwitz extermination claims.’ (…)

It appears that in an interview with the German magazine Panorama she had stated that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp but a labour camp. The mass murder of Jews, she said, had not taken place. (…)

During proceedings she asked the prosecutor: ‘How do you as a lawyer prove the accusation that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?’ The prosecutor mentioned that her ‘fanatical delusion’ had not abated. (In 2009 she was fined in the District Court of Bad Oeynhausen for having offended Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of Jews.)

Her request for a revisionist historian to give evidence that at Auschwitz no one had been gassed was rejected by Judge Jonsson, who stated: ‘It is futile to argue with people who do not accept the facts.’



The sentencing of this woman can justly be described as a crime against humanity. Why is this?

There are two possibilities: either she is right (or largely right) or she is wrong (or largely wrong). Let us assume that the latter is true. We then have a pitiful spectacle of an elderly person stubbornly and irrationally clinging to a mistaken view of historical events.

Shakespeare’s King Lear is the archetypal work of art examining the ramifications of such a situation. As we watch Lear rave in misery on the heath, we feel compassion for him; but that does not stop us knowing that his disaster has been mainly self-inflicted as a result of his stubborn holding of illusions earlier in the action. None of us, however, would want to punish him for the awful threats he issues during his agon.

If Ms Haverbeck is wrong (and a formidable battery of opinion, including learned opinion, around the world maintains that she is), then what damage can her statements really do to anyone? As we say, rather rudely, in Australia: ‘You can’t fart against thunder.’

If such is the situation, why on earth was she ever brought to trial? Why were her remarks not just passed over (‘Poor thing! Off her head, of course!’). Why did the prosecutor maintain that her age should not prevent her from being sentenced?

In this scenario, we plainly have an example of inhumane treatment being meted out to a too-elderly victim.



But what if she is right, or largely right? I happen to believe that she is just that, but, of course, I’m a human being and we are all prone to error. Moreover, the topic of ‘the Holocaust’ is a vast one and not easily to be assessed by the ordinary man in the street, lacking relevant specialised knowledge and not knowing the German language.

What if Ms Haverbeck is right? Then she is a martyr to the truth and the Hamburg Court proceedings were a disgrace to the German legal profession and to Germany.

She was entitled to the following behaviours in court:

the prosecutor should have explained clearly and succinctly why he and the law believed that Auschwitz was an extermination camp;
The judge should have allowed her to call one or more revisionist historians to defend her position. Given the vast amount of revisionist scholarship on this topic now able to be studied, the judge had no right to claim that ‘the facts’ have been finally established. It is inappropriate and unethical for any court or any government to claim omniscience on such a complicated and clearly disputed historical and scientific controversy.

The prosecutor’s refusal to justify his position means that his claim that the defendant was suffering from a ‘fanatical delusion’ falls to the ground.

If Ms Haverbeck is innocent, then a much worse crime against humanity has been committed. The very dignity of mankind has been unwarrantably assailed and the ideals of Western European culture, especially the importance of intellectual freedom, wickedly scorned. Claims that her behaviour has ‘given offence’ will look like subterfuge designed to protect an endangered interest group.

But is there such a group? Yes, there is. It is an open secret that there is and that the interest group’s power in many nations of the world is great indeed.

Shame, Germany, shame! Or, rather, shame on the German government and its legal profession!

Judge Björn Jönsson said: ‘I do not have to prove the Holocaust to you, same as I do not have to prove that the earth is round.’

How clear is the lawlessness happening in the so called halls of justice and how much evil has permeated this world if lies are perpetuated

with cages and guillotines, innocence murdered in cold blood and the righteousness hunted down, humiliated and destroyed by those satanic clowns ?

post by aequitas:


Thanks to Don Q for this thread,much can be learned from this thread.IE:The lies that have been indoctrinated into humanity!

post by don Quixote:



Ursula Haverbeck once again sentenced to jail in Germany Published by carolyn on Fri, 2016-09-02

Deutsche Welle, Germany’s state news service, ran a September 2nd article (quickly removed from the “Top Stories” page – I caught it just in time!) reporting the 87-year old “Nazi Grandma” was sentenced to 8 months in jail for a letter she sent to Detmold Mayor Rainer Heller complaining about the trial of Reinhold Hanning in that city. This is different from the 10-month sentence she was given late last year for a TV interview.

In her letter, Haverbeck said that the witnesses at the trial were set up to prove the existence of the concentration camp, according to the DW article. She also said it was “clearly recognizable” that Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp, not an extermination camp. This is considered serious “holocaust denial” under German law, based on the constitution that was given to the Germany people (never voted on) by the Allied Control Council after the war. She is expected to appeal the sentence.

Apparently, the 10-month sentence given to Frau Haverbeck in November 2015 was suspended, although that fact was never reported by any media that I saw, and I looked diligently for further news since then. In today’s article, DW wrote:

“her [prior] punishments include two fines and another suspended sedition sentence. She was on trial last year for saying that the Holocaust was “the biggest and longest-lasting lie in history.”

I said at that time they would never actually put her in a jail cell and they didn’t. Now DW is doing its best to make Ursula as unsympathetic as possible by calling her names like “Nazi”, criminal, seditionist, and right-wing extremist in case the state does feel the need to carry out its sentence. But it is a losing battle. Haverbeck has a world-wide reputation as a beautiful, brave truth-teller of many years – if she is actually put in prison this time, there will be a global uprising against “Holocaust” enforcement laws and a further reading and spread of Frau Haverbeck’s beliefs.

What a quandry for the Federal Republic.

source: carolynyeager.net/ursula-haverbeck-once-again-sentenced-jail-germany
update 9. September 2016 (in German) ursula-haverbeck.info/private-solidaritaetsveranstaltung-fuer-ursula-haverbeck/

update 9. September 2016 (in German)  www.journalalternativemedien.info/geschichte/der-politische-schauprozess-gegen-ursula-haverbeck/

jewishmediaagency update Sep 6th: German author and Holocaust revisionist Ursula Haverbeck, age 87, was sentenced to serve eight months in jail after claiming that no Jews were murdered in Auschwitz. On Friday a German court sentenced Haverbeck on charges of sedition.

“WHAT TO DO WITH GERMANY?” – Louis Nizer (1902 -1994)  B’nai B’rith

1 Replace the population with another
2 Exterminate the people
3 Selective breeding program
4 Forced expulsions
(2016) All of the above

The Hooton Plan And The Migrant Crisis



On October 11th Ursula Haverbeck has been sentenced to an additional 11 months for sedition. The verdict has not yet been finalized.
About 80 supporters arrived at the court house. After sentencing she was greeted with flowers and applause by supporters.
The maximum sentence for this particular ‘offense’ is 10 month. The judge added a month because of Ursula’s unrepentant attitude.
The accumulated sentences against her are now a total of 29 months!

shrt lnk: http://wp.me/p7tdlv-1d


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