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Republishing Notes to West Virginia Case

The crux is that this group led by Thomas Deegan firmly believes through their insider connections that martial law is scheduled to be implemented the first week of September. I have no way to validate such claims but there is no doubt in my mind that they themselves are convinced of it. If they are right, it means death or imprisonment for millions of people and generations of suffering and servitude for the rest.

To prevent that happening it is necessary to replace the criminal W. Virginian government with a LAWFUL civil authority which can LAWFULLY issue a stand-down order to the military.

W. Virginia has it’s own constitution which uniquely cannot be overridden by a federally declared state of emergency or “necessity”.

Thomas is the first to prove, using the criminals’ own fake legal system, that the state government of W. Virginia is a fraudulent, criminal entity that is only PRETENDING to be a government of, for and by the people.

Because he has proven his case, those who are willing to take action to win their freedom can now do so LAWFULLY by removing the pretenders from power by whatever means necessary.

This is the only way to prevent the mind-controlled military from carrying out the murderous agenda of the criminal elites. If W. Virginia succeeds it will hopefully set a template for the other states to immediately follow. If

W. Virginia fails then not much else matters. As many people as possible need to get off the couch and head to W. Virginia to make this happen

Notes on the videos: UPDATE 2: An Introduction to the Team of Hudok, Stalnaker, and Deegan (2 Videos)
UPDATE: WON!!!!! Case in West Virginia that opens door to creating a constitutionally compliant structure, a civil authority that can require the military to ‘stand down’ against ‘We the People’. ~J

UPDATE 2: An Introduction to the Team of Hudok, Stalnaker, and Deegan (2 Videos)

2nd Conference Call Notes for West Virginia Case
(notes taken by reader from jhaines site)

The conference call commenced with a prayer by Thomas, Gene and Phil.

Phillip Hudok (PH): I am going to place some information on youTube and to the file. There is a magazine called ,“The Week”, the issue from July 17, 2015 under best columns in the business section called “Fanny & Freddy’s Absurd Raises”. It’s an editorial from Business Investors Daily, “The toxic twins are at it again”, said Business Investors Daily. Bailed out mortgage giants Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac are giving hefty pay raises to their CEO’s. You may recall after the pair received a $189 billion dollar taxpayer funded rescue bailout. The leaders pay was capped at $600,000, but that will now increase to $4 million dollars each. The payouts are all the more shocking because these CEO’s are essentially civil servants. They are not essentially civil servants because Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae are corporations. This is corporate whoredom.

(?): Thomas Deegan will talk about how we need to deal with the criminal politicians and bureaucrats and what will happen in the interim until we can get new politicians in place. Thomas has thought through the process extremely well. Thomas explain how we can get through the process…

Thomas Deegan (TD): The key is really the standing and jurisdiction of the people and only those that have been and have established their birthright can move forward – otherwise we are just slaves to those in power. That is going to be key to get your jurisdiction and law form in place! We have the paperwork for that. Once established those persons have under “the law of necessity”, can appoint someone by a majority of sovereigns to place them into civil authority regardless of the level of office or branch of government. We are taking on all levels of the government the executive branch at the state level.

Once you have the civil authority according to the contracts in place you use“the laws of necessity”, which will allow you to accept them (those placed in office) temporarily because there are many problems with the documents that have to be dealt with. At that point you will have civil authority and be able to talk to the military and give the military orders. That is where we need to be, not only to give the military standdown orders – but to begin the clean up process.

Because we have a nation of cowards right now, we are on the line and those refuse to step up, that is their choice as they will meet their maker one day. The military at the highest levels are probably part of a Satanic cult and if they are not part of a Satanic cult they have probably been bribed, so they might as well be because those that support us will most likely be removed.

Those that support us will be used to help to implement the clean-up process because the supposed “oath takers”, are foreign agents and they have shown by their actions that they are going to continue to be foreign agents. There will be consequences for these actions as we are at war and those and their bloodlines that go along with this are not going to have anymore fun from here on out. When the majority of the American people find out what has been done them their bloodlines will be cease to exist on this soil. There will be no legacy for these foreign agents. My advice to them they should pack up and leave because the consequences will not be pretty for them.

We out number them many times over and they may have some of our money right now – not real money, because real money is coming back. Their accounts will be dealt with and all their actions will have been for naught. We need to look at persons, including the sheriffs. Anybody who has taken an oath as a foreign agent operating on our soil is at war with us. We have to stop looking at them as our government, friends or neighbors. They should be shamed and shunned for the actions they have taken against us. The military will – with civil authority in place, be in charge of the cleanup. This is war and our children have been suffering daily as seen on youTube. The reason this is happening is because we are at war and they are hidden from us and not letting us know who they are.

They will be taken care of with extreme prejudice, so we have really only two choices right now. You can go under the original contract or the under the law of necessity. With the law of necessity you can negate those provisions which have been harmful to the people and this country on a temporary basis so that it allows the people to get their jurisdiction in order and in the proper place. They are the enemy, this is sovereign soil and they are operating under a corporate fiction living off of us. They can have input if they join with us – othewise they are the enemy and they should be treated as such.

The original contracts can be worked around via the law of necessity and the owners of those contracts can no longer intefere. The military will make sure they don’t and if there is any interference they will be dealt with. There are many good people within the military but they have been waiting for the proper standing of the American people or a mass of the American people. So this will provide the proper standing to the military. The military will clean this up but the problem we have right now is we have a time limit.

There are many things happening internationally right now that imposes a time limit upon us. These are the same people who hold these contracts that interfere with our contracts. We are taking about the Jesuits, the Vatican and England. These are the ones behind the scenes controlling this country and they have been for a long time. Many Americans are going to find this difficult to accept but that’s the reality. They have told us in their own words and we have specifically incorporated those into our complaint.

Once the military begins the cleanup each State would simply need to file from the template we are using in West Virginia. This will allow each State to join us in union as sovereign individuals as they should be. This will need to be effectuated very quickly as soon as the military has the authority to listen to us. It should be effectuated at the executive level such as a Mayor, County Commission or the Governor of your State. That is the civil authority needs to do and if you can get a Constitutionally compliant legislature in place seven acts have already been written that to clean up the mess in your State with the simple stroke of a pen. You do not even need to go to court to make a plea. This can be done by using various Writs through your legislature. Those seven acts are not on yet but will be shortly. The are already written and ready to go they just need the legislature of each State to enact the acts.

You also need to think about whether you want “government”. In Latin it means “control the mind”. Another viable option which is a public trust indenture. Under the public trust indenture it allows the people to decide whether they want to be part of this as free will choice. We were given what we have been given by our creator so we have a right to be anywhere on the Earth. A trust indenture would allow for that because you could live on the soil unmolested – say in West Virginia if you so chose.

It may be difficult for people to understand that government is broken and it always has been the same as controlled religion because it is about control of the masses. We have got to break this control and the majority of the Americans are not ready for that so they need someone to tell them what to do and take care of them. If you want to be a corporate slave that is fine because we will be free of them and will have authority over you. Maintaining the status quo is slavery and that is a free-will choice. Again, you have two choices to maintain the status quo or use the law of necessity with the public trust indenture.

The trust indenture document (TI) can be found at This will allow for a group of people to come together to accomplish what would be impossible for one person to do. It’s very similar to how public infrastructure works like utilities, bridges, roads, etc. This is a true education for the children of our country. The TI is just a template written that includes what we thought was best for our own State. The people will have decidee what the want to incorporate into the TI for each individual State. The TI can be used as a bridge to get to the new State contract.

Our understanding of all of the historical contracts were negated by our founding fathers. So we must establish a new contract backed by the military ready to fully enforce it against foreign agents and those outside of our country. They may try to physically do something so we need to go to the original contracts amend them, learn from them or create something completely new. Two things that are key to stop the corruption and infiltration.

The judiciary needs be stopped and should not be a part of the government structure. The founding fathers said they gave us “checks and balances”. No! What the founding fathers gave us was three branches that scratch each other’s back. The resolution between disputes between the people and our current government structure should not reside within the structure itself. This should be outside the structure and be, by, of, and for the people.

We need to remove the judiciary from the government structure and the gatekeepers within those structures that is the judge. We have no need for a judge. Judges are just a refere that is bought and paid for. All that is needed is 12 free State citizens and that is all that would be needed. There does not need to be “rules of evidence”, but simple rules of just “due notice” to the other side. For example a man can file/enter a complaint into this tribunal for an assault with associated medical bills, etc., the claim would be for damages but also to restore the victim. This approach combines the civil and criminal sides of the case and will save time and money. This would reduce the caseload we are currently experiencing and eliminate unnecessary charges and expenses.

We are going to just follow simple law without Grand Juries. Historically, Grand Juries were used for government oversight, but later became incorporated into government and used against us. Only “live men” can participate in this type of tribunal because they are acting as fictitious corporations and you would be operating under full liability in this case. Fictitious corporations will be judged in this type of tribunal and assets will be seized along with personal assets. So individuals will not be able to hide behind these fictitious entities.

The problem with corporations is they have been elevated to the status of “a live man”, and this cannot be done under the maxim of “like things deal with like things”. We will honor these fictions if they have been harmed by someone, but the actual verified owner will have to enter into the tribunal as “a live man”, under the individual’s own liability. If a false claim is made the individual launching the claim will be charged for it – which will help to eliminate frivolous claims and eliminate the need to bond cases.

Grand Juries need to be eliminated and oversight councils or committees put into place at each level, jurisdiction and venue of your local government. In this capacity these oversight bodies would serve for 30 days then be changed every 15 days in order to reduce/eliminate corruption. The 30-day service period is to prevent interference with cases brought forward. The only duty would be oversight of government and would be implemented at every level, county, state, etc. Individuals serving on the oversight committees would be compensated from the Treasury for their service.

Thomas recommends these committees have the power to stop any government action not deemed proper immediately in order to eliminate harm to the public. We are the bosses and the legislators are the employees – not the other way around. The oversight committees should be implemented at every level. The number of people serving on these committees could vary in size depending on what branch they are given oversight. The committees would have full investigative powers along with power of supoenae and anything found not in order will be immediately submitted to the tribunals.

It will be the job of the people to immediately issue the proper Writ and enforcement for the oversight council. It is further recommended these councils should include financial auditors to ensure that what has happened in West Virginia never happens again. Accounting will be straight forward, easy to understand and transparent – not how it is now with two books being kept. The corruption runs so deep that we need forensic auditors. An investigation will take place and those found responsible for fraud will be prosecuted and assets will be seized. The ramifications could be very deep, personal and have a long-lasting affect.

Steve: Thomas please explain more about the law of necessity and how that process works.

TD: The law of necessity works like this – there are times of disaster like wars or disease where using the normal confines of law will hinder what actually needs to be done. What we have now a large section of the population that are slaves with a small section of people who are free. The people who are free will have to use the law of necessity because of the time restrictions. We do not have the time to beg and plead with the slaves to join us to get the proper jurisdiction and standing needed to move forward. So the free men must do whatever is necessary to correct the situation at that moment. We have done this by invoking this lawfully – not just on a whim. Whereas our government has invoked it on a whim whenever they chose to do so to our detriment. What West Virginia has done is to give you the lawful platform in which to invoke the law of necessity to allow you to do what is not normally lawful but what is necessary at this time.

Steve: With respect to the court of record, can you elaborate on that?

TD: The court of record at this point under the law of necessity is no longer. We have to remember it is the paperwork that establishes this. We must do this contractually because it establishes legal standing in a specific jurisdiction. This is based on the original law – your birthright that has been stolen from you.
You must have the proper standing, juridiction and law form before you can become a member of that general society that forms the court. Everything has been laid out for you. We want to provide you with a jurisdiction and law form that is supperior to the corporate structure that provides you with the legal authority to reign in the corporate structure and clean the mess up. This template and recommendations are found at Please read it before Thursday along with the Indenture. These two items are key to what needs to be done. You can look at this like a Supreme Court that has oversight and is above their Supreme Court. This can be done at every level of government local or State. This court has the power to issue specific orders to corporate officers. Read these documents and develop your questions.

Steve: Would these orders apply to other States or just West Virginia?

TD: It depends right now because you have do not have a State called Ohio – it is all US, Inc. If signatories to the West Virginia case were from another State that would expand the case, but in West Virginia once you have civil authority that is running a State or County structure, that would be limited specifically to that area and venue. Right now we have US, Inc.

Steve: So, until we abolish US, Inc., we are amorphous in terms of our boundaries. US, Inc., is the outside boundary of the continental US.

TD: It is the entire geographic landmass.

(?) Tom, I received a call a month ago where I was told US, Inc., filed bankruptcy I April.

TD: Correct.

(?) Does that have any standing in this case.

TD: Our purported country has always been bankrupt. What this means it that they have no standing at law within their own courts. It is really of no concern to us now because it’s private and we are not liable for their bankrupty debt.

(?): If US, Inc. has declared bankruptcy we should just move forward and dissolve them.

TD: Yes, but we need to understand there’s a misunderstanding as to they are versus who we are (master versus slave). We are the Kings and Queens and they are our servants.

Steve: Because these debts were incurred under fraud doesn’t that absolve us?

TD: It falls under the doctrine of odius debt which is international in nature. Because the debt was incurred through fraud it is vitiated? The debt does not exist, it is a fiction. We do not owe a penny.
(Unitelligible audio). Example: Under the Doctrine of Conquest you own the land you have conquered and anything that is owed an outside entity is not owed by you. What Iceland did is a good example. Iceland said this is odius debt and we own the land so we do not owe you anything. Fraud was committed against Iceland so we are going to incarcerate you and now you are liable. This falls under the Doctrine of Odius Debt and it is on the website.

Steve: With respect to the oath. The people who have sworn an oath what do they need to do?

TD: I’ve written a better oath than the corporate oath and also one for vacating office. They are two separate documents. By signing these documents they are admitting their crimes and thus are fully liable. Forgiveness can be offered if the documents are signed immediately within 72 hours otherwise criminal proceedings will commence. Once the complaint documents are placed in their hands you have given them due notice.

(?) Who should we file the complaint with?

TD: If you use our template for West Virginia you could file them but I don’t think we have time now. Just approach anyone in government with the complaint and offer to have them sign them. Inform them that we know what is going on and you can show them the 6 page document from us so they can see what is going on and share it with their council. They will quickly see that we have proven fraud, treason and many other charges using their own words. This judicial notice is a good document to provide in combination with your complaint. You can this right now at the local level because in reality it is your purported sheriffs at the local level that are enslaving us. This would be a cost and time effective strategy to get the complaints before them. Mr. George Swenson filed these documents in Georgia but officials declined to sign them. They can do this but they have been given due notice of their crimes. We offered forgiveness if they are willing to change their ways.

Steve: What are the other two documents that go with the judicial notice?

TD: I will do a mass e-mail with those documents. One is the recision of their signature on any corporate document and the other is they are vacating any offices, capacities, jurisdictions and venues inside that corporate structure and they are putting it under oath and seal. At that point they can take a lawful oath to put them back into civilian structure that is what they have purported to be all along.

Steve: Any other questions.

Dave: Are you calling for protection around you?

TD: Yes. We do not want to lose this effort and the information.

Dave: We we also keeping you in our prayers.

TD: I will send out the documents and Judicial notice out. Any complaint will be run by their council first. These foreign agent Esquires are running the whole show right now and that is because of the Definitive Treaty of Peace (c. 1783). It’s legal but not lawful and it is fraudulent in nature. At least give them the notice and it can be done at the local level. You do not have to go to court. You can give them to everyone, judges at this point. This can be done at the grassroots level. I still recommend filing at the State level but also at the Federal level and every court in this nation. We need to put pressure on them. We are finding out who the secretive agents are and when we find out their names will be released publicly.

Steve: We will do this on the 9-11 (?) declaration that we are taking them down.

TD: I hope we will have time.

Steve: Any other questions?

TD: There is a lot to think about.

Steve: There is plenty to think about and I hope people are taking notes. This will be recorded so people can go back and listen to this. This will be placed on the website. Now there is a and We are encouraging everyone to copy and back-up all these files so that there are several places in case anything happens to these websites. Pass it around and please make these go viral.

Hartford: How do we get to your files and archives?

TD: They are available in pdf format and can be downloaded directly from our website at The other two sites are backup sites.

Hartford: Remember some of these people who are working for the government are beginning to get their eyes open and they are not so sure they like what they are doing out of fear of what it may do to their families.

TD: I have addressed this. They have a choice to make soon. They now know they are foreign agents.

Hartford: There is another aspect to this. Some of them are becoming aware – not because there is some outsider but because of the things their own organization may do that will harm their families.

TD: Correct. Phoenix Rising (?) will leave well under 500 million people. We need to think about this.
There are roughly 300 million people in this country and that is their targeted goal. Just because you think you are protected now, once the operation goes forward you may not be. This has been done throughout history. This is a game and many are just puppets.

Steve: Any other questions?

(?) A lot of people are trying to base this on case law. They think it can’t work because they are basing their opinions on case law.

TD: That is fear based standing. You need to get the proper standing capacity.

(?) Case law is a lie so they cannot use it.

TD: Common law given to us by our founding fathers was flawed because they found through case law and having gate keepers make irrational decisions based on who has the most power or money. They can change the course of law and call it legal. You can make robbery legal if you have enough guns and men to back it up. I have used case law in my own defense using their own rules and words to tell them how they must operate, but it is not applicable to me. That has been proven.

TD: Gene/Phil do you have anything to add?

PH: We must remember this is a spiritual battle.

Steve: Jim, I have a question from another caller.

Leonard/Jim: We want to get petition packages ready for every state. That’s what we are working on now so the are ready to go for whomever wants to execute them. The petitions are critical in addition to the actual filing of the complaint. We will keep everyone updated on that.

(?) Question for Phil Hudok. Did you have a debate on your gubenatorial race?

PH: No, there has not been a debate, but two years ago I was excluded along with all the other third party candidates from the media sponsored Senatorial debate. This drew a lot of attention last election round because all other parties were excluded except the chose few. The media dread our participation because we talk about the root of the problem: the corporate borg. They take our money and insulate themselves. As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”.

(?): Thomas have you heard anything from Carl in Georgia where he presented documents to the City Council?

TD: He presented them with the articles of incorporation breakdown. Their response was that they need to it under advisement and seek council. I was informed he will post the link the actions taken this morning at some point.

Dave (?): Will you be posting these documents like from Dunn and Bradstreet so that can people see them.

TD: You can see them for free at and back it up with a search from and between the two you should have at minimum the registered address, the corporate name and possibly the principle or manager of that entity. It takes a few minutes but it is free. shows the proper register for each state.

Dave (?): This shows misprision of felony right away.

TD: Correct because you have shown fraud and mispreason of felony. At a minimum you have also shown what other crimes they are involved in. If you are showing that they are purporting to be government and they are operating against the best interest of the people that is treason as well.

Dave (?): Another issue to discuss with Carl. He has demonstrated a misprision of a felony. Is it now Carl’s responsibility to notify the local FBI and other authorities?

TD: There are two ways to look at this. The governments’ own claim is this is what you should do – to notify the proper authority, but in this case Carl has brought this case before the county and so he should notify the State or the Supreme Court. What Carl needs to do is put the facts into affadavit form and that would support a complaint to the court. At that point if the court fails to act then they are guilty of misprision of felony. If this occurs at the local level take it to the sheriff. If the sheriff fails to act take it to the next level – the state police and if they fail to act, file it in court. What this demonstrates is a line of the corporate structure and you are able to reign in that structure a little quicker.

Dave (?): Bingo! This is exactly what I was saying.

TD: This is something that you can do at your local level. I initially went through this process at the local level for 4 years but we have arrived at a comfort level in the court. By starting at the local level and going up this line you are building as much of the corporate structure into one case. Their system allows you to bind them with their own words. Carl gave them clear examples so they could examine what they might be doing wrong.

Dave (?): That’s beautiful!

TD: I’ll send the Original Act of Congress along with the other documents so they can’t say that they didn’t know the law. They are bound to uphold the law because they are making the law but we will give them notice of it.

Dave (?): We have that maxim that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”.

TD: Exactly!

Steve: Any other questions or comments? We will wrap this up.

Dave (?): We need to make a call out to the people of West Virginia for assistance.

TD: I was going to make it again. There are a few men need the assistance of real men. So far that has not happened. They will know who they are. They will be put on the wall of shame at some point. I implore everyone to look at the Court of Record, the Indenture, the 4 documents over the next day so we can start of the next call with questions on those documents. The I will destroy the founding documents and we will go into detail on how to solve that problem. With that, I would like to give a shout out to the Jesuits and the Pope.

Steve: Please be on the lookout for people who want to assist with the security of West Virginia.

TD: At this point were talking about the security of real live men not security. We are simply looking for protection of free men.

Steve: Thank you everbody and we will be doing another conference call Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. EST.

TD: I will send these documents referenced on this call as soon as possible and they will be distributed to all on this call.

(?): We need fat and cholesteral in our diet and eggs are an inexpensive and nutritious way to do it. Eggs are one of the best foods for good health.

TD: Before we finish I want you to know what the elite are taking to counteract the affects of what they are spraying on us:
-1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vineger with 16 ounces of water once per day
-1000 mg. Vitamin C time released capsule
-Amino Acids and minerals a 22-22 blend from GNC
-Super digestive enzymes GNC
-Ultra mega release vitamins from GNC
-MSM organic sulfer (follow manufacturer’s recommended dosage)
-(?) I will send later.
These recommendations came from Europe.

Dave : It’s all about eugenics.

TD: Whatever the health recommendations are it is usually the exact opposite. The way this has been explained to me is that list is specifically to counteract the affects of what is being sprayed on us.

Dave: There are 90 nutrients that are essential.

TD: In Europe they are spraying nano-particles on us and Europe is owned on paper by Washington, DC.

Linda: Asked if Thomas had received her message regarding her state.

TD: No. I did not. In general if you did not receive a response from me most likely I did not receive it.

Linda: Please get in touch with me asap.

Dave (Michigan): If anyone is getting natural supplements you can go to my website or call me at or phone 817-721-2103. The supplements are based on decades of research that shows all illness is due to nutritional deficiencies. There is a book called “Epigenetics: The Death of Theory of Genetic Disease Transmission”. According to research disease is not due to genetics it is due to the food.
The food, air and water are weaponized even our phones. Check out the information and the health lecture “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”.

Tea Party Command Center Blogger Spot has picked up on the West Virginia story (not familiar with this).  I’m giving the link to the whole site as the comments are interesting and at least 3 pages long.  A few comments show some people not aware of how things ‘really’ work in the US and are shocked/surprised.  At the very least, this story may wake up more people:

Tea Party Command Center (Constitutional Compliance)

I have still been keeping track of the West Virginia law suits by Thomas Deegan and Phil Hudoc and learned Thomas Deegan was arrested a few days ago.  Other news sites are picking up on the story so if any one is interested will post some of the links to stories and filings:

On Sep 26, 2015, at 10:05 AM, phillip hudok <> wrote:

I have been told that support for the legal action taken in West Virginia is gaining support world-wide.

Related: Arnie Rosner ( had asked for media contacts and his initial contact to the State Police Attorneys is now on the homepage of

Go Arnie!

I will attach the three files I sent him that have West Virginia newspaper contact information. I certainly encourage folks contacting them.

I have been contacted by both the Charleston Gazette and Charleston Daily Mail (304-348-5140) who refused to cover our Supreme Court of Appeals filing in the beginning. When I said that they had lost their chance and that I am only doing live interviews, I was told, “but the story has changed!” Boohoo! That means that they don’t understand or care about the Constitution and rule of law. Well, guess what? It was a story then and they should have recognized it for what it was. Also, they have reporters that should have covered subsequent filings and they didn’t do that either. I know they have the technology to do live interviews because I participated in one October 2014 when I was on the ballot for U.S. Senate. So, do one again!

The question is will we have government of, by, and for the people, or will we acquiesce to what I would call the greatest corporate merger in world history. That is what the globalists, Pope, and whoever else plans to implement. There won’t be any turning back at that point.

It is a spiritual battle and for everyone, there are consequences both physical and spiritual.


P.S. Scott Finn – West Virginia Public Broadcasting – You were contacted. But hey, I will do live broadcasts! 1-888-596-9729

P.S.S. Elkins Inter-Mountain – You are the exception. Tim McVean, covered the story in the beginning and I would gladly do an interview if the corporate borg hasn’t determined otherwise.

To those of the uninformed legions: What is this all about?

The Thomas Deegan Affair

The one in a million men who figured it out!

Colonel Edward Mandell House

Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattels (property) and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the lawmerchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability.

Three Americans in West Virginia have put it on the line. Each American is on the hook!

Three Americans in West Virginia – The call for action! This means you!!!

Details of the Affair in West Virginia – A stand for the Republic!

Fraud on the Court – West Virginia! Will they ever learn…

2015-09-24 – “State of West Virginia:” Magistrate Court, Wood County

Notice: West Virginia State Police – Official Notice: It is we the people who create and can abolish government at our will.

“State of West Virginia:” A private Corporation – impersonating the lawful state “West Virginia”

Nightline: Government sponsored propaganda for hire – filled with bullcrap inaccuracies:          Scanned Retina

Propaganda | Scanned Retina Resource

Permit me to remind you
Here is a chance to demonstrate just how strongly you love America…the republic.
The time has come for all of us to fish or cut bait. No post turtles allowed.
If you don’t take a stand for America just who do you expect to stand in your place?
Remember we were all created with equal status. Each must carry our own water.
There are no excuses to be an American. No apologies either.
Mr. Deegan, like Mr. Due and Commander Fitzpatrick…have made the sacrifice of their freedom. What exactly is your contribution?
You have the unmitigated privilege to express yourselves on this matter to the media in West Virginia. Thanks to Mr. Phil Hudok, please find the following information to assist you. West Virginia Media Contacts
As Americans, it is your responsibility to support our fellow Americans.
You are expected to write letters…is even making such a request necessary?
Bring down the final curtain…Phantom of the Corporation.
Special Notice from the ScannedRetina: To Government agents and employees;
Special Notice from the ScannedRetina: To Owners; Agents and Employees of the Media;

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In a similar vein to Kat’s post about the West Virginia dude…  This was posted on my other forum…  It’s a Facebook post from Anna Von Reitz, who typically doesn’t mess with the speculation/prognostication game.

I have a “nothing will happen” attitude toward virtually every one of these forecasted event memes, but I still feel compelled to dissect some of them for hidden clues.

Anna von Reitz
Meantime…… I have just been advised that the corporate “government” is opening offices to expedite the return of Americans to their natural jurisdiction on the land.

I haven’t been able to review this process yet, so can’t comment on whether it is genuine remedy or just another trick “offer” by the middlemen — we will have to see, but I believe that we have put enough light on the subject so that the rats are being forced to respond and provide at least the appearance of remedy. Let’s all just keep on our own lawful path for now, stay alert, stay skeptical, READ THE FINE PRINT, and take no wooden nickels.

Remember that you are NOT obligated, mandated, or otherwise “required” to sign anything. Ever. Don’t sign documents that you don’t thoroughly understand. Take nothing for granted. Use a legal dictionary and check the meaning even of the words you think you know.
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Diane Geldert
Diane Geldert I will doubt till the last lol as long as the criminals still are in charge things cannot and will not change

Sean Michael
Sean Michael The trick is to accept those things return them for honor and focus on the things you can change. As in the estate and trust presumptions and the juristic or juridic nature of the legal personality used in public commercial affairs.
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Jed Zimmerman
Jed Zimmerman This is fabulous news.

Jed Zimmerman
Jed Zimmerman Where, issue your faith?

Debra Payne
Debra Payne thanks! good advise

Shelly Johnson
Shelly Johnson No real remedy will come through the fraudulent usurpers. They will ALWAYS try to play cya with their destructive system to their last breath… The “enforcers” or “authority” are just middle men trying to stay relevant, but more and more they are being thrown under the bus, aka ‘taking one for the team’ as they lose relevance.

Jed Zimmerman
Jed Zimmerman Just remember energize what u want, not what u don’t want. I accept all Life Affirming gifts. And So It Is.

Ricardo Aybar
Ricardo Aybar What dictionary would you recommend?

Brian Brobeck
Brian Brobeck Anna von Reitz, I hear folks saying what you are saying from other sources. However, I have not seen any evidence of this but only more tyranny. Do you have evidence of this? I have no contempt towards what you are saying but some folks have been sayin…See More

Anna von Reitz
Anna von Reitz As the guys at Tactical Sovereignty and Legal Deception can tell you, this country is still being operated under martial law, so the new “DEPARTMENT OF STATE” offices doing this are operating as MIA/POW Centers. Crazy, I know, but—- this appears to be an effort to address the problem. All the lies told about us have been translated into military terms.


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