The Devil and Demons

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Let us first address the evidence of demons, demonic possessions and “pacts with the devil”.

As a YouTube researcher, I came across these interesting videos (I will be posting more in the future), that to me prove the existence of demons and of pacts with the devil.

“Demon magicians” series, by Xendrius

Demon Magicians: Episode 1 – Reveal THIS – (Criss Angel, Dynamo, David Blaine and more)

Demon Magicians: Episode 2 – Reveal THIS – (Cyril, Dynamo, Yif, Hans Klok)

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Harry Houdini (born Erik Weisz, later Ehrich Weiss or Harry Weiss ; March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926) You forgot Houdini, who was one of the 1st

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Let us now address exorcisms.

Regarding exorcisms, here’s my best evidence, all equally important:

1) my uncle and aunt have seen one instance
2) my former girlfriend has seen one instance
3) Vigilant Christian and John Todd said they have been exorcised (if you need the exact audio where they say it, I can find it for you)
4) stories I have read on Father Gabriele Amorth (most famous Italian exorcist) and other Italian exorcists:

Here is a video with padre Amorth:

Exorcists priests

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As a few of you know, I have recently been learning the Bible and it is kind of uncanny how things are coming into focus in most everything I see lately.  Looking at the Bible different, separate from religion, was a hard hurdle to over come for me after being raised in the Catholic Church.  So much damage was done and I think that was the purpose as well as the pedophilia from Priests.  I read somewhere that 1 perpetrator generally has AT LEAST 50 victims.  Just think of the number of victims those, in turn, made pepetrators that made more victims and you can see how these numbers grow exponentially.  The point being, the ruin of the Catholic Church made exponential the number of people like me as well as the victims of abuse that turned away from the church and anything to do with religion.

So how do the ‘negative’ influences capture people like me?  The new age movement for sure (looked into it for only a very short time thankfully) and aliens with shows like Ancient Aliens to name a few.  Apart from ‘waking up’ with the Gospel of Thomas, I was still into aliens and thought highly of James Gilliland from WA state that has nightly UFOS on the mountain he lives on.  But it was Ancient Aliens that really captured me.  I was convinced that aliens had a huge part of the development of mankind.  That finally diminished about a year ago but what a clever ploy to suck in people with no real system of belief.

Then Flat Earth came into the picture which kind of eliminated the need for aliens and turned my attention back to a creator, where I am now.  Whoever thought that psyop would help their cause against God sure got that one wrong. I don’t think any of the areas investigated are a waste these last couple years, but it puts into focus how many people knowingly or unknowingly are vested in finding ways to get others distracted from the truth on the internet and MSM.

Even the Newearth videos that I have recently found I am questioning.  I think her videos portraying the last 500 years are probably worthwhile in decoding the correct chronological times (and still think we may be off by 500 to 1,000 years from the real timeline) but the megalithic ones are suspect.  She terms the downfall of civilizations in the past and today as ‘parasites’ and that’s correct, but I think her term for ‘survivors’ of the megalithic period is now wrong.  She credits these ‘survivors’ as enabling civilizations rebuilding from nothing after the flood to workable cultures able to navigate the new world but who were these people they thought were gods?  Now I see this rebuilding as a platform for the scientific discoveries that are finally here now and all the years that needed to pass for technology to get to the point where CERN and other means are employed to try and defeat God.  Each culture was a building block and after they got what they wanted from them in knowledge, these cultures have been destroyed (except India who has the oldest writings of any culture).

All the things I attributed to aliens really fit better and more logically with the Nephilim in the Bible.  Doesn’t mean I still don’t believe the Bible has been tampered with but the overall message must have survived for so many people to still use it today.  There are so many things we don’t understand but when you realize that flying saucer technology has been here since the 1930’s in Germany (ufo and German Technology posted last week) think of what must be hidden from us today!  75 years ago ufo’s were built!  Alien kidnapping and the fostering of alien invasions are childsplay compared to what they probably have now and getting ready to unleash.

It’s so easy to believe in ‘evil’ because we can see it.  I think human nature in normal people is much kinder and gentler than portrayed in history or the media today.  So why is it so hard to believe in the opposite of evil – God and goodness?  Because we are bombarded daily with so many negative things it becomes routine.  Today I am horrified that my son plays games developed by whoever and the point is to ‘kill’ to win the game.  How do you undue the damage you’ve inflicted unintentionally to your child because of the culture we live in?  It’s a struggle but try to throw in something daily that my son will hopefully remember without rolling his eyes when he is ready.

This morning I was listening to Steve Quayle (who I like for some things and not for other) and his continued search for giants all over the earth.  Today’s video was primarily in Peru and I pulled a good website while listening to the broadcast that tied right in with the ‘fallen ones’ the are talking about:    The Geoglyphs of Tiahuanaco   and video (skip past the sales pitches):

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